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Kern & Co. AG - 1819 bis 1991 in Aarau
Werke für Präzisionsmechanik, Optik und Elektronik
Studiensammlung ab 2009 im Stadtmuseum Aarau


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A homepage for a company, which doesn’t exist anymore?

Yes, just for this reason!

After over 170 years the company Kern & Co. Ltd. closes. Thus 1991 ends a unique industrial history. Thanks to the initiative of a group of farsighted people in 1988, a valuable collection of historical instruments and equipment, business and development files, drawing sets, production and advertising material was passed to the City Museum in Aarau.

The "collection Kern" as the estate of a once successful, global industrial company is an important part of the history of technical and industrial culture. After an extensive renovation of the premises of the civil defense building, close to the City Museum Aarau, the "Kern study collection" was opened to the public.

Come to an exciting journey of discovery!

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